Spiritual Mentoring

Wisdom from the Heart

It takes courage to stand in the world and be yourself. To stay present to what is truthful within you. To maintain a harmonious inner balance in the midst of an externally chaotic world.

Often to find oneself, it is necessary to let go of family upbringing, societal conditioning and old wounds that keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns and relationships. In a spiritual mentoring session, I offer ways to assist, bolster, and support you in a process to help you stand within your wholeness, clear in your integrity, to help you discover and reveal more of your True nature - your spiritual nature.

A spiritual mentor is also known as a spiritual companion, spiritual life coach or spiritual director. In our work together, the intention is to help you recognize and use your Divine gifts to find ways to be purposeful in the world. If I can be of assistance to you in the process of your own soul’s discovery or to help ignite or re-ignite your spirit, please let me know.

What I Do

Our culture identifies professions narrowly and throughout the years of my private practice, I often have had trouble describing exactly what it is I do. My spiritual practice began early and sprung from my Catholic religious upbringing. I have since been led to follow what may be viewed as stepping away even further “off the beaten path.” My vocational journey culminated in 2011 when I became an Interfaith / Interspirituality minister. Basically this allows me as a spiritual advisor to offer perspectives and wisdom from many faith traditions and spiritual practices that you might find meaningful. I can also be called a spiritual director, or in the words of John O’Donohue, an Anam Cara or a soul friend. Or think of me as a wisdom elder, a support person to offer resource. I define resource as a person who re-sources you with a connection back to the Source, your own heart or into a fuller expression of your own truth and light.

My spiritual companioning practice today is a reflection of my own life-long pursuit to seek, discover and evolve fully into who I am and what I am meant to do. I began a full-time private practice in 2000 devoted to the healing arts. Over time, my work has changed in many ways. I have continued to grow and learn, and stretch more authentically into me. Not an easy task and so I offer my services as a companion to you. To provide support along your own unique journey. I am not someone who will tell you what to do. I am not a guru. I am not someone who knows better than you what you may need. However, I can be a sounding board. I can be a witness to your life and listen to your story. I can be someone who can walk along side you for a while and encourage you along your own path of self-discovery or decision-making.

Cost & Options

$85 60 minute session

$75 60 minute session
With a commitment to 2 or more sessions

A sliding fee scale is available.
Sessions are in person or by phone.

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Mary Ellen is kind, compassionate and well grounded. Her connection to creation has helped me enter a new stage in my spiritual growth. Her spiritual companionship is a blessing.John S.