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I offer ministerial services to those who wish a unique, small, individualized, heart-felt, intimate simple ceremony for a wedding or baby blessing. My fee for a ceremony is not a flat rate and is determined once we discuss what your desire is for your ceremony. A custom designed ceremony ought to reflect what is sacred or holy to you.

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Abbreviated Wedding Sample


We are here today, Ryan and Brittney, to celebrate your wedding. When two souls are destined to find one another, Life finds mysterious and wondrous ways to introduce you to each other. Your paths crossed, you met, and fell in love. Each of you through your relationship has found new depths within yourselves.


The desire and calling of your own hearts have brought you to this moment to connect in yet a deeper, fuller way. On this Spring day, you make your commitment to Love and to each other. As you recite your vows, know that your hearts will be touched by Love itself.

Final Blessing:

May you continue to discover the extraordinary gifts you have in one other. May you be blessed with an abundance of comforts and prosperity. May you live in harmony - true to your personal values and joint promises. May you greet each challenge knowing you are in it together and whatever you face you will find in each other a resource to lean on when your own courage and hope wanes. You will be a helpmate to one another. May you always be the best of friends. May your life together flourish. May the Spirit of Play fill your hearts and keep your hearts light. And may the Light in your hearts, so deeply lit today with Love, be what leads you home always to one other. Now and forever. Amen and So It Is.

Baby Blessing Ceremony Sample


Welcome to the Baby Blessing Ceremony for Madeline Irene. Thank you for coming! Today we are grateful to be celebrating the birth of the newest member of the Wank family.

Catherine and Ryan, your love for each other once again created a beautiful child! Catherine, for nine months you safely nurtured Madeline within you. She was held so sweetly and lovingly by you, her beautiful mommy. Ryan, when you talked to Catherine, Madeline heard her Daddy’s strong protective voice and knew she would be kept safe.

Matthew, when you would pat your Mommy’s tummy waiting for Madeline to come out and play, your sister felt love. We bless you today, Matthew, as you begin a new role in life as a big brother. Madeline will come to know, she will not walk alone in this world. You will be always be at her side as her big brother.

Madeline, you arrived late in the evening on December 14, 2013. A little earlier than expected. Your birth story will always be told with a gusto thanks to the raging snowstorm outside. Heightening the drama was your mommy’s fast labor and your daddy’s frantic drive to the hospital. Angels had to be surrounding all of you as your daddy drove hurriedly through the blizzard. Shortly after arriving at the hospital, you pushed eagerly out to greet the world. Immediately you were enfolded into the loving arms of your parents, who welcomed you with great anticipation and joy. The family circle is complete now that you are here.


Family and friends, you have gathered here today to share in the joy that is Madeline. We offer abundant blessings upon this sweet little girl. Please extend your hands out towards Madeline to share in the blessing: We wish you all the joys the world has to offer. May the constant golden light of the Sun give you warmth and good cheer. May you find even on cold wintery nights, your own fiery spirit radiating deep within you. May that inner spark help to grow your passions and keep you fully engaged with life. May the ever present Divine Light shine on you and within your own heart so you may not fear the darkness nor be in fear of losing your way. May the fertile Earth on which you walk help to resource you. May you feel the strong, solid ground supporting you. May you be aware of the beauty that surrounds you as well as the beauty within you. May you grow in trust of yourself and your ability to speak your own truth. May your heart know softness just like the blanket that enfolds you now. As you grow and age, may you be blessed with fortitude, good health, and a wide circle of family and friends. May the love that you are bless others. And may you grow in steady determination to walk your path at all times being fully Madeline Irene Wank. Amen.

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Our ceremony was wonderfully beautiful in its intimate, genuine, and sacred nature.Ryan and Brittney H.