Writings of Mary Ellen Lucas

A Spirit Led Blog

My path has never been restricted to a specific religious tradition. My spiritual journey has been wide and inclusive, spanning Astrology, Native American culture, Metaphysical belief systems, Eastern traditions and other studies. I have been applying what I have learned to my professional work with clients on a full-time basis since 2000.

Kindness of a Stranger

Raised in the Catholic tradition by two parents of strong faith, faith must have been imparted to me through osmosis. For at a very early age, I believed without question God would support, protect and help me when called upon. I never could have conceived of a time when my faith and trust in God would be broken.

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Tuesdays with Marie

Over the last twenty plus years, I’ve had the honor of giving Reiki treatments to many people. The clients I’ve worked with, and continue to work with, mostly are religiously unaffiliated. In their own way, they seek a connection with the Great Mystery.

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Bridging the Divide

Is it possible for humans to learn a thing or two from Canadian geese? Absolutely! I have lived many years alongside geese as my neighbors and despite being loud and quarrelsome they are very entertaining neighbors. Their ongoing brawls inspired me to write my first children’s book, The Day the Goose Squabble Stopped.

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Even in the Hospital, He Found Joy in the Now

Back in the day when I was a stay-at-home mom, “mindfulness” wasn’t even a word in my vocabulary. The only mindfulness I was aware of was my own mind-fullness just trying to navigate a busy, full schedule with three children. It wasn’t until later in life that mindfulness was brought to my attention through the examples my oldest son Sean exhibited.

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Seed Love to Sow Respect and Tolerance

Are you aware of the ever-present fear submerged in the undercurrents of our society? Do you notice our intolerance has escalated and we are triggered by those of different ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, and/or religious belief? How did we veer so far off course that our conversations turn into tirades? When did we lose our civility? And how is this affecting our children?

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