Tuesdays with Marie

Over the last twenty plus years, I’ve had the honor of giving Reiki treatments to many people. The clients I’ve worked with, and continue to work with, mostly are religiously unaffiliated. In their own way, they seek a connection with the Great Mystery.

I first met Marie at a Unity Church service where she religiously attended weekly services. Marie contacted me a year after we first met to request a Reiki treatment with the hopes that Reiki would alleviate the daily arthritis pain she experienced.

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—by Mary Ellen Lucas

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About the Author

Reverend Mary Ellen is a minister, author, teacher, and activist from Cleveland, Ohio. In the year 2000, she took a leap of faith when she responded to her heart’s sacred calling and left behind a secure job with a steady income. She became self-employed at a wellness center as a full-time healing arts practitioner, and she has committed her life to be of service, not only with what breaks her heart but also what fills her heart with joy.

Her first children’s pre-chapter book, The Day the Goose Squabble Stopped, is meant to invoke laughter and deliver a timely message. She considers her book the first one in a series of goose stories. Rev. Mary Ellen can be contacted through her website Her books can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or direct through Sacred Stories Publishing. Ebooks are available on Amazon, Apple Books and Kobo. An audiobook is available on iTunes,, and Amazon.


I have worked with Mary Ellen Lucas in many capacities for 15 years or more. Her spiritual direction and mentoring are wise, deep, compassionate and loving. Her astrological work is focused, accurate, practical and spiritual and always helpful; her classes and my sessions with her are high points of my year. Her Reiki and energy work have been very effective in alleviating both physical and emotional pain for me. If I could, I'd give ongoing sessions with Mary Ellen to ALL the people I care about.Neal S.