I am Reverend Mary Ellen Lucas, an Interfaith - Interspiritual Minister and children's book author. My ministry called The Loving Way captures the essence and prayer of my be a loving person. To hold firmly and steadfast to Love. The services I offer are the results of devoted paths of study to support wholeness. I hope to assist you in whatever way may be beneficial.

Life on Little Puddle Pond

Goodbye to Grandpa Geezer Goose

My third children’s book in the Little Puddle Pond series, Goodbye to Grandpa Geezer Goose, is now available for purchase. Paper books available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Direct Through Sacred Stories Publishing! Thank you!

I want to reflect as a child

Latest Publishing

Mayhem to Miracles Book Cover

I am so excited to be a Contributing Author for a new book called Mayhem to Miracles which is now available for purchase on Amazon! A Christmas Gift Mantra is about my son’s horrible seizure that happened during Christmas Mass. It became a gift in disguise thanks to the simple words, "It's okay" which brought a still, holy moment of peaceful awareness that resonated deep within me.

Mayhem to Miracles on Amazon


Spiritual Mentoring

In a spiritual mentoring session, I offer ways to assist, bolster, and support you in a process to help you stand within your wholeness, clear in your integrity, to help you discover and reveal more of your True nature—your spiritual nature.

I want to ignite my spirit

Reiki Energy Work

Reiki is a safe, non-invasive therapy and can be used to improve your health, and expand your feelings of hope and wholeness. Reiki can help awaken your inner spirit when you feel overwhelmed, support you to be of good cheer and strengthen your physical body.

I want a deeply relaxing experience

Short Ceremonies

I offer ministerial services to those who wish a unique, small, individualized, heart-felt, intimate simple ceremony for a wedding or baby blessing. A custom designed ceremony ought to reflect what is sacred or holy to you.

I want a custom designed ceremony

Grief Wise Matters

We can aspire to be wiser in matters related to death. A good place to start is to recognize in dying moments when the shadow of death is imminent, sacred moments coincide in spite of being immersed in grief.

I seek peace in a sacred moment

From the Blog

The Heart of the Matter

My column The Heart of the Matter for Spiritually Conscious Parents in The Owl Magazine begins on Page 42. The topic written about offers suggestions to parents about talking to a child about death. Children need open communication and loving support from their parents when they are grappling to understand the loss of a beloved family member or well-loved family pet. ...More at Owl Magazine

Joy from the Developmental Olympics

Reflecting on Marisa Donnelly’s idea that joy heals the spirit may seem out of place and terribly naive in light of the grief and loss people have recently endured. However, I do believe joy is medicinal and joy is needed now more than ever. ...More at Elephant Journal

Kindness of a Stranger

Raised in the Catholic tradition by two parents of strong faith, faith must have been imparted to me through osmosis. For at a very early age, I believed without question God would support, protect and help me when called upon. I never could have conceived of a time when my faith and trust in God would be broken. ...More