I am Reverend Mary Ellen Lucas, an Interfaith - Interspiritual Minister and children's book author. My ministry called The Loving Way captures the essence and prayer of my be a loving person. To hold firmly and steadfast to Love. The services I offer are the results of devoted paths of study to support wholeness. I hope to assist you in whatever way may be beneficial.

Children’s Book

The Day the Goose Squabble Stopped

My pre-chapter children's book, The Day the Goose Squabble Stopped, took flight out into the world on April 5, 2019. Paper books available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Direct Through Sacred Stories Publishing! Read an excerpt in PDF format. Ebooks available on Amazon, Apple Books and Kobo. Audiobook on iTunes, and Amazon. Thank you!

I invite a conversation with a child

Spiritual Mentoring

In a spiritual mentoring session, I offer ways to assist, bolster, and support you in a process to help you stand within your wholeness, clear in your integrity, to help you discover and reveal more of your True nature—your spiritual nature.

I want to ignite my spirit

Reiki Energy Work

Reiki is a safe, non-invasive therapy and can be used to improve your health, and expand your feelings of hope and wholeness. Reiki can help awaken your inner spirit when you feel overwhelmed, support you to be of good cheer and strengthen your physical body.

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Short Ceremonies

I offer ministerial services to those who wish a unique, small, individualized, heart-felt, intimate simple ceremony for a wedding or baby blessing. A custom designed ceremony ought to reflect what is sacred or holy to you.

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Grief Wise Matters

We can aspire to be wiser in matters related to death. A good place to start is to recognize in dying moments when the shadow of death is imminent, sacred moments coincide in spite of being immersed in grief.

I seek peace in a sacred moment

From the Blog

Bridging the Divide

Is it possible for humans to learn a thing or two from Canadian geese? Absolutely! I have lived many years alongside geese as my neighbors and despite being loud and quarrelsome they are very entertaining neighbors. Their ongoing brawls inspired me to write my first children’s book, The Day the Goose Squabble Stopped. ...More

Even in the Hospital, He Found Joy in the Now

Back in the day when I was a stay-at-home mom, “mindfulness” wasn’t even a word in my vocabulary. The only mindfulness I was aware of was my own mind-fullness just trying to navigate a busy, full schedule with three children. It wasn’t until later in life that mindfulness was brought to my attention through the examples my oldest son Sean exhibited. ...More

Seed Love to Sow Respect and Tolerance

Are you aware of the ever-present fear submerged in the undercurrents of our society? Do you notice our intolerance has escalated and we are triggered by those of different ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, and/or religious belief? How did we veer so far off course that our conversations turn into tirades? When did we lose our civility? And how is this affecting our children? ...More